Ep 3 - Follow Me | Simon Peter

July 31, 2017

What would it take for you to fall on your hands and knees in a boat, on a lake, sinking from an over-abundance of fish? What is happening to Simon Peter in this moment? How is it happening to us? 


Episode 2 - Tangents | A Conversation with Dan Lukas & Paul Anleitner

July 26, 2017

Dan Lukas and Paul Anleitner talk tangents around topics like favorite beverages, the eucharist, church planting, preaching a turd as a way of an introduction.



June 26, 2017

Hi Friends

Welcome to the maiden voyage of the Awaken East podcast!

On June 25th we met for our first WORSHIP SERVICE! And what you’re about to listen to is some of what happened. Typically church podcasts INCLUDE only the sermon, but I have included our call to worship, portion of our community life (announcements), the sermon, invitation to the communion table, Lord’s Prayer and the benediction. 

I did this because embedded in each of these moments were our communities values IN PRACTICE/ACTION. And VALUES in action, well those are important to see/notice/share. 

The whole podcast comes in at just over 30 minutes. So to listen it won’t take your afternoon. 


So much good is happening. Buckle up, here we go!

Love you friends,